The promotion of longevity, health, and wellness, with optional self defense applications.

Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Liang Yi, Tai Yi, QiGong, Nei Gong

Salem Tai Chi Plus is a non-combative, non-competitive approach to Wudang Style or Chinese Internal Martial Arts that offers optional self defense training. Primary emphasis is always on promoting health, wellness and longevity. Classes are limited in size in order to keep instruction very individualized.

The Learning Curve


Begin with fundamental QiGong breathing and conditioning exercise movements to lay a foundation and to create a simple daily routine that promotes health and wellness. The Daoist teach that the Sun supplies us with “Life” which is inhaled with the breath and then distilled into a useful power (Qi) needed to fuel our body’s motion. This Life gives off a life-force which holds and supports our physical structure. Aging is and results in diminishing power and life-force. Thus, the reasoning why seniors generally loose some height and the capability of keeping their posture erect. Breathing exercises (QiGong) slow this process. From here one learns various conditioning exercises customized to one’s condition.

Next: Students begin learning the fundamentals of Tai Chi, and the Yang Style 24 Short Form. This form is the most widely taught Tai Chi form in the World. One of the main advantages of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts is also developing the ability to focus mentally while exercising, as an alternative to mindless exercise. Students may opt out of learning Tai Chi and go to the options below. However, this is generally a good option only for those with previous experience.

Specialty Options After Foundations Are Established

  • Develop a 20-minute daily health-promoting routine consisting of breathing and conditioning exercises customized to your body condition and age — especially for seniors. However, everyone at any age would begin with QiGong breathing and exercises. Seniors may or may not go beyond this by choice.
  • Baguazhang Circle Walking. An advanced form of QiGong and a Nei Gong form developed by Taoist Temple Priest to develop power (Qi) and promote wellness.
  • Baguazhang Linking Forms, Liang Yi and Tai Yi are all options for those that advance or have previous martial arts experience.
  • Learn Drills and Develop Skills with moderate to intense exercise such as Bone and Joint Form along with various strength and flexibility building movements.
  • Self Defense Applications.
  • Nei Gong and Nei Dan training with Meditation applications for an active approach to longevity and health (for advanced students only).

Who and Why

  • Any adult at any age that is seeking a daily health promoting routine. Emphasis involves proper breathing, some stretching, strengthening and exercises proven over time to be one of the best exercise options available. Why? Because it incorporates a blend of mind and body enhancing practices while avoiding anything that can harm or eventually come back to you later as pain and/or immobility. It is also an excellent option as a whole body balancing routine without the use of machines or weights, which if not careful results in selective enhancement and thus muscle imbalances.
  • For Individuals interested in an Internal Self Cultivating Art that is comprehensive, fun to learn and to do, and something an individual can continue with for the duration of their life.
  • Martial Artists seeking to balance their “hard” training with “soft” training.
  • Older and retired Martial Artists that still have the passion for the arts, but need a “softer” health promoting approach. I currently have as students several older accomplished martial artists from various arts that sought to move into the more health maintaining arts.
  • Anyone seeking to learn Chinese Internal Martial Arts from an experienced Instructor with a diverse background including years invested in the Arts, a Traditional Chinese Medicine education and experience, plus for the more esoteric arts seeker extensive meditation and Nei Dan experience.
  • Those wanting to learn self-defense applications of a sophisticated type that can be a lot of fun as well. Learning the applications themselves is offered to the students. Fighting is something else altogether and is not promoted at Salem Tai Chi Plus.


Group Classes

Tuesdays and Fridays:  10:00 am – 11:00 am

Group Class consists of instruction concentrated in the following areas:  QiGong Breathing Exercises, Tai Chi, Tai Yi, and Bagua.  Learn at your own pace.  Emphasis is on health and longevity movements to fit your body, age, and skill level.  All adult ages welcome, and classes are small.

Class Fee:  $60 per month



Sunday Morning Open Mat

10:00 am – 12:00 noon

(Best to verify class is on via an e-mail to Jim).

Open Mat Instruction Concept is that anyone can walk in off the street anytime after 10:00 am, pay $10 – $15 (depending on status) and get some instruction in a variety of Chinese Martial Arts, Internal or Wudang style.  Open mat includes everything that the Group Classes include, plus a self-defense application option, but without a weekly class commitment.  You choose what you want to study!!  Beginners generally start with QiGong Breathing Exercises, some general exercises, and then go from there.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for singles or groups.


Jim Hennigan relocated to Salem in 2014. He has been a Tai Chi and/or a Baguazhang instructor along with other Chinese and Korean Martial Arts since 1989, and has been practicing the Arts for over 35 years. Jim earned his first black belt in the Korean Mixed Martial Arts in 1988 and reached 3rd degree black belt before switching to the Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts) in the mid-1990’s. He also was formally educated as a Pharmacist and an Oriental Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist, which he practiced in the midwest area before moving West.

Jim’s martial arts instruction experience is extensive and includes several years as a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-Chicago Campus, where he was responsible for teaching Tai Chi and QiGong to all Traditional Chinese Medicine students. Much of the emphasis of Jim’s training has been Baguazhang and especially Bagua Circle Walking, which many say is the most effective form of Nei Gong (inner power cultivation).

Information and Enrollment, 503-385-1625, I will meet with interested parties either after classes or at a time to be arranged to discuss their options.